visions from the metropolis

foto di Neil Tetkowski

foto di Franca Marini

VISIONS FROM THE METROPOLIS an artistic research between urban life and early Renaissance imagery
La mostra presenta una selezione di opere pittoriche degli anni '90 di Franca Marini e copre quasi per intero la decade durante la quale l'artista ha vissuto e lavorato a New York City.
2 Novembre - 21 Dicembre 2017 Burger Gallery, Kean University, Union, NJ, a cura di Neil Tetkowski
orario: Lunedì - Venerdì: 10:00 - 16:30, direzioni:

On the early painters of the Italian renaissance: "... those magnificent artworks resonated with my own personal imagery affirming the universal nature of art, capable of creating an emotional link regardless of distance in time and in culture. I attempted to reinterpret them and in doing so to create my own visions. They were an important source of inspiration during the years I lived and worked in the American metropolis, far away from the rarefied and somehow timeless beauty of medieval Siena.
This body of works represents a very meaningful phase of my research in painting. A research which lasted for almost 30 years and which created the base for my future artistic development which has led me to the realization of video and installation art.” Franca Marini, 2017