cosa es lo humano?

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synopsis of Cosa es lo humano? video, 16:9 HD, 17:56 min, 2010-12
music Prada & Soragna /  Giuliano Prada, flute
 / Fabio Soragna, piano
 / remix Franca Marini

Archeofest - Le Notti dell'Archeologia / Festival Nazionale dell'Archeologia Museo Civico per la Preistoria del Monte Cetona
curated by Maria Teresa Cuda, 2012, music by Prada & Soragna
SonoMACLab Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico, San Juan, curated by Andrés Lugo, 2010
live performance with music by Trili music ensemble

Video sequences representing the movement of  inner thought are interspersed with sequences  of Paleolithic art, then sequences of masses of people in the urban context of the contemporary  metropolis, the latter by definition expression of  the social nature of man.
The final sequences, which follow the sequences shot in the caves of the Grotte di  Belvedere (Cetona, Italy), already inhabited by humans  50,000 years ago, represent hope, the possibility of the emergence of a new form of social relationship.
The content of this video represents a search, through image, for the deepest essence of what it is to be human intended primarily as social dimension and creative thought. The images of Paleolithic art, of undisputed beauty still meaningful and relevant today, speak to us of the universal value of art and how the need for expression has been a characteristic peculiar to man since his earliest origins.
Franca Marini 2011