Siena Civil Court  Thursday August 4th 2022  9pm
Video Art: ORIGINS (23 min) by Franca Marini, original music by Francesco Poggianti and Maso Ricci

- 9 pm introduction by the artist
it will follow:
- presentation by the musicians of the musical instruments and electro-acoustic techniques used for the creation of the musical score
- videoprojection of ORIGINS

Il Giardino Segreto, Siena Civil Court
entrance: Via del Romitorio 4
free admittance

synopsis  see video
The video art work Origins, created in collaboration with Francesco Poggianti and Maso Ricci, two Italian musicians who perform experimental electronic music, was created with the specific intent to address and elaborate in an original manner the relationship between image and sound. The result is an art work in which sounds and images work together in synergy to represent an undefined emotional dimension that relates to a deep primordial experience common to all men.The work does not have a plot or a story to tell. Its construction, however, reveals a sense and a temporal development able to emotionally engage the viewer who is carried into a kind of sensory continuum, from the initial universe of timeless and image rich sound to that of the conclusion characterized by the presence, rich in meaning, of the human body and voice.
Franca Marini 2014