Urban Lines

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June 10 – 27, 2008 
Urban Lines StudioArteFuoriCentro, Rome, curated by Ivana d’Agostino
video-sound installation with original music by Gianpaolo Cappelli
esecuted by Gianpaolo Cappelli & Car_Ma (Carlo Torrini and Maso Ricci)
critical essay by Ivana d’Agostino in catalogue
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press release
Franca Marini's one person exhibition will open at the Studio Arte Fuori Centro on Tuesday, June 10, 2008. Urban Lines is a video installation with original music by Gianpaolo Cappelli, curated by Ivana D’Agostino.
The exhibition is the sixth and last event of Disorientarsi a più voci, a series of thematic elaborations conceived  by art critics Ivana D’Agostino  and Loredana Rea. It will continue until June 27 with the following opening times: Tuesday through Friday, from 5pm to 8 pm.

Franca Marini, Luisa Colella, Angela Corti, Teresa Mancini, Fernando Rea e Marzia Corteggiani, six artists diverse in training, work choices, methods of expression and work planning, have confronted each other, during the period from February to June, over the complex plurality of the creative process, over the necessity to go through different territories in order to find stimulation and the theoretical forces behind the linguistic and methodological multiplicities which represent the vital fabric of contemporaneity.
The critical aim is to trace a line which cuts across the theses, paths and purposes currently being elaborated within the multiform areas of experimental experiences. The bond is the linguistic fragmentation, which best incarnates the differences, the singularities and the necessary diversities of contemplating the present.

This is the first exhibition in Rome by Franca Marini, Sienese artist by birth and formation, who, with the show Urban Lines at the Studio Arte Fuori Centro, offers an overview of her research on New York, defining emotions and reflections experienced during the years spent in the Big Apple and re-examined today through the distancing lens of the comparison with the reality of Siena, once shunned, and with Rome, a new capital of the arts, although so different by history and tradition from the American city. What the artist proposes is a video-installation lasting fifteen minutes and projected in a continuous cycle.

Images of New York, black and white and colour, variously manipulated on the computer, interpolate at different speeds the urban visions, which are synchronized with  contemporary background music, specially adapted  for this video by Gianpaolo Cappelli & Car_Ma (Carlo Torrini and Maso Ricci).The voices of the city too, inserted like a musical fabric by means of expedients derived from the historical avant-garde, contribute, along with the images of the walls of Siena interposed in a rapid alternation to those of the archaeological evidence of Rome and to the fleeting appearances of New York's skyline, to still further diversify the three realities contemplated  by Franca Marini.