The Lebanese National Theater Tyre Tyre, Lebanon June 20-22 2020
Tiro Association For the Arts at The Lebanese National Theater Tyre 
mobile film festival in response to pandemic

2:41 min, May 2020


Migrations IMAGE

Covid 19: a global pandemic, a planetary crisis.

It seems as if the population of the whole world is holding its breath while waiting to re-emerge from the surface of a sea that has suddenly overwhelmed it.
In contrast with the silence and the sense of suspension that surrounds our lives and our deserted cities is the crash and the incessant movement of waves of the sea, an echo of what until a few months ago was considered the greatest humanitarian crisis in our recent history.

The sea has represented hope for millions of migrants who, in search of a new life, have crossed it, all too often finding death instead.
Migration is an ongoing epochal crisis that seems to have been swallowed up by another, even greater and more devastating. 

Very few are willing to acknowledge that the tragedy of migration, which is caused by an undeniably unjust distribution of goods and wealth worldwide, concerns the whole international community. Many have erected walls and barriers, have turned a blind eye so as not to see and to deny painful truths and historical responsibilities.
A virus of greedy blindness, which through neo-liberal policies has caused not only inequalities and social injustices but also the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources, has migrated throughout the world reaching out the metropolises and centers of global financial power and bringing even there death and an economic crisis which may be unprecedented in the last century.
Perhaps only now, faced with a crisis of global proportions, will we all be willing to open our eyes in search of a new and different horizon.
Franca Marini, May 2020


Migrations IMAGE

2:41 min, May 2020
shooting and editing Franca Marini