on a journey


Transnational Migration and Immigration   see gallery
Human Rights Institute gallery, Kean University, Union, NJ  February 1 - June 20 2018
Transnational Migration and Immigration-non ho paura dell'uomo nero   see gallery
Scuola Permanente dell'Abitare, OCRA, Montalcino (Siena) Italy  November 9-30 2018

special thanks to
the migrants, men and women, who made the realization of this video possible

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12.22 min, 2018


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on a journey 
was conceived as an integral element of the installation Transnational Migration and Immigration realized for the Human Rights Institute at kean University, Union, NJ, February 1- June 20 2018.
The installation was reinterpreted by the artist within the 14th century cloister of the Sant'Agostino historical complex, Montalcino, Italy, headquarter of the Scuola Permanente dell'Abitare. Transnational Migration and Immigration / Non ho paura dell'uomo nero was created on the occasion of the  non ho paura dell'uomo nero event series related to migration issues, November 9-30 2018.

The video was projected in a loop within the two installations on shapes made of fabrics specifically created by the artist.
It consists of close-ups of migrants, men and women, alternated with the incessant flowing of words, interior thoughts. The absence of audio was a deliberate choice taken by the artist so as to characterize images with absolute significance.
Following is an excerpt of the installation’s description:
(...). "Remains of what was once a shelter, fragments of everyday objects caught in ripped nets, adrift after a shipwreck, create a sort of theatrical setting which convey feelings of displacement and laceration. From the darkness of a lifeless, desert -like landscape, the viewer is channeled along a path which finally leads to the encounter with those who, having braved death, can now tell us with words and expressions of their present lives.
The video at the end of this imaginary journey features the Togolese migrante, a victim, like many others, of xenophobic intolerance, whose wounding triggered the violent events that took place in Rosarno in 2010".
Franca Marini, January - October 2018


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12:22 min, 2018
shooting and editing Franca Marini
special thanks to the migrants, men and women, who made the realization of this video possible