in collaboration with Kirikuci no profit migrants tailor shop
the Pilgrim's Garden, Monteriggioni (Siena), Italy
on the occasion of the Sartorie Sociali (no profit tailor shops) meeting June 6 2021   read news
organized by Kirikuci and Equo Sud Autoproduzioni Solidali

Walls recycled fabrics, wood, spray paint, rope, twine, copper and metal threads 19x16x17(h) ft, 2021

photo by Angela Bindi
da ANGELA rifotografata IMAGE x NEWS

Franca Marini with collaborators Dawda Camara and Ize Fall (Kirikuci) and Mimmo Tramontana (Equosud)

photos by Franca Marini

1 IMAGE Mura


1 IMAGE Mura
photos by Franca Marini

This art installation, located just below the ancient ring of walls surrounding Monteriggioni, offers an element of vitality and of resistance to the wall towering above it.
 The wall represents not only a physical barrier but also a symbol of the migration policies enacted by the  countries of Europe, in violation of human rights, fomenting racist and xenophobic violence.

The artwork, with its beauty, is not meant to be consolatory but to represent hope, the yearning to overcome what divides and separates, it implies as well the overcoming of that interior wall which does not allow us to recognize, in those we percieve as  “other”, our shared humanity.
Franca Marini, June 2021