Transnational Migration and Immigration - non ho paura dell' uomo nero


Sant'Agostino cloister, Scuola Permanente dell'Abitare, OCRA, Montalcino, Italy  9-30 November 2018
Non ho paura dell'uomo nero (I am not afraid of the black man) event series

multimedia installation with 2 videoprojections, 2018   see video
fabric, fiberglass net, spray paint, rope, twine and copper wire 12(h)x65x82 ft
special thanks to the migrants, men and women, who made the realization of the videos in the installation possible

photos by Massimo Marini
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photos by  Marco Giamello
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photo by Massimo Marini

The installation by Franca Marini Transnational Migration and Immigration was realized for the Human Rights Institute at kean University, Union, NJ, February 1st-June 20 2018.
It was reinterpreted by the artist within the 16th century cloister of the Sant'Agostino historical complex, Montalcino, Italy, seat of the Scuola Permanente dell'Abitare, on the occasion of the  non ho paura dell'uomo nero (I am not afraid of the black man) event series Nov 9-30 2018.

non ho paura dell'uomo nero is an event series related to migration issues organized by Scuola Permanente dell'Abitare, OCRA Montalcino and Comune di Montalcino. 
- on the day of the opening, November 9, the video a new life was presented. The video consists of testimonies by migrants from Tunisia, Togo, Eritrea, Kurdistan and Bangladesh, some of which collected by the artist in Riace, the Italian village known worldwide for the intelligent assistance and inclusion policy towards migrants carried out by Mayor Domenico Lucano.
- two performances took place within the installation by which they were inspired: Somud U Ahlam / Resistance and Dreams by actress Annet Henneman on November 30 and the performance by Samuel Fuscà with Florencia Ramón and Antu Munai on the theme of the meanings of the journey on December 1st.

Images of men, women and children packed on makeshift boats risking death at the mercy of the waters of the Mediterranean or forced to undertake dangerous exhausting journeys by land or by sea in order to reach US territory from Central America, can not help but change the consciousness and sensibility of all of us. Processing through art this nothing less than momentous tragedy, can be meaningful. As an artist, I feel a deep need and ethical responsibility to do so.
Nevertheless, with this site-specific work, I have attempted to represent not solely a physical journey - that of those who are forced to risk their lives in hope of a different destiny, but also an interior journey, an interior journey of transformation which every man and woman may have to undertake in order to overcome anything that does not allow us to be completely human. 
A transformation only possible through the encounter with and acceptance of that which is different, unknown and so to be feared -the threat that the stranger represents in our collective unconscious, which implies the recognition in others of our shared humanity without which a truly just world is not possible.
Remains of what was once a shelter, fragments of everyday objects caught in ripped nets, adrift after a shipwreck, create a sort of theatrical setting which convey feelings of displacement and laceration. From the darkness of a lifeless, desert -like landscape, the viewer is channeled along a path which finally leads to the encounter with those who, having braved death, can now tell us with words and expressions of their present lives.
The video at the end of this imaginary journey features the Togolese migrante, a victim, like many others, of xenophobic intolerance, whose wounding triggered the violent events that took place in Rosarno in 2010.

Franca Marini, January – October 2018

artwork installing

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cloister of the Sant'Agostino historical complex  headquarter of Scuola Permanente dell'Abitare, Montalcino, Italy  

photos by Marco Giamello
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photo by Massimo Marini
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photos by Marco Giamello


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Somud U Ahlam / Resistance and Dreams 
performance by actress Annet Henneman - Teatro Nascosto di Volterra - 
in interaction with Transnational Migration and Immigration installation by Franca Marini
Scuola Permanente dell'Abitare, OCRA, Sant'Agostino cloister, Montalcino, Italy, November 30 2018
event part of the Non ho paura dell'uomo nero event series

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still images by Franca Marini

improvised performance on the theme of the meanings of the journey by Samuel Fuscà with Florencia Ramón and Antu Munai in interaction with Transnational Migration and Immigration installation by Franca Marini
Scuola Permanente dell'Abitare, OCRA, Sant'Agostino cloister, Montalcino, December 1st 2018

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