from painting to images


234 Gallery, Buffalo State College, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY  Oct 29 - Nov 3rd 2007
copper wires, velvet and acrylics on jute, 7ft9inchx10ft10inchx14inch
sculpture copper wires, copper, fiberglass, jute, velvet, cotton cloth, acrylics and spray paint, 7ft2½inchx11ft10¾inchx49¼inch

photos by Morgan Lorenzen

photos by Fabio Lensini

still images

still images by Franca Marini

press release


From painting to images 234 Gallery, Buffalo State College, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY  Oct 29 - Nov 3rd 2007

The one person show which the artist Franca Marini has created ad hoc for the spaces of the Buffalo State College, State University of New York, where she has been invited as a Visiting Artist, is a true installation.
Through the interplay of copper threads - which could allude to that vitality thanks to which the artistic realization of image is possible - the artist traces a path which leads us to the fulcrum of the whole installation: a large painted canvas placed as if within an ideal screen and formed of overlapping panels suspended by thin copper wires.
In this work Franca Marini has attempted to represent, by pictorial means, the video art image construction process in which multiple images can co-exist simultaneously and fuse into a constantly new mobile image. Her current interest for installation projects, which is the creation of artworks conceived for a specific space, also seems to have a contact point with video art: in both the artist extends expressive and communicative potential to its outer limits, actively intervening in the space always felt as the place inhabited by the viewer and permeated by his/her presence. The suspended sculptural forms, created by the interweaving of copper wires from one point to another in space, will not materially be able to exist any longer once they are removed from the place which they were born for, just as video art images are only perceivable when projected onto a screen. This could pose interesting questions about artwork transformation in meaning and accessibility in contemporary society. Only the painted canvas, characterized by the jute’s rough texture, will continue an autonomous existence of its own.

On this occasion, the video “From painting to images” by italian psychiatrist and video artist Domenico Fargnoli will be presented. This video, based on a re-elaboration of Franca Marini‘s pictorial work inspired the latter for the creation of this show. The video will also be an integral part of the performance “Image and moviment” staged by the dance company of choreographer Keith Ferrone with music by pianist Stefano Maurizi and the Pankow musical group. It will be performed on October 28 at the “Festival della creatività” in Florence.