Dream of a new world. Works by Franca Marini

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Donatella Coccoli

De-sign Modena, Jul-Sept 2001, p. 40-41 ill
translation Heather Holloran

Powerful lines, colours and forms at the Grancia di Serre di Rapolano, recently restored and newly included in the Sienese Museum circuit.

In fact this historic building houses until September 9, Franca Marini 's exhibition "Dream of a new world - recent works". First exhibition of contemporary art in the beautiful building of the Grancia and also, after numerous exhibitions overseas, first solo show by the artist in her native land. Franca Marini, born in Siena, but formed as an artist between Tuscany and the United States (in 1988 she moved to San Francisco and then to New York in '91) created these ten paintings specifically for the museum's inauguration last May.

Oil paintings based on line and color, the works exhibited in Serre represent a further step forward in the Sienese artist's research path. "Compared to the series of works created in the years '98- '99 -Franca Marini maintains- these are characterized by a departure from a preconceived structure and  by their improvised nature".
 Improvisation which does not, however, imply randomness. Indeed Franca Marini's paintings display a research into line, which as the artist herself says, began in early 2000 and which is visible, concrete and coherent. A research that digs deep to grasp the " heart" of image; its invisible process, its movement. A research which ought to engage any artist who does not want to ever create flat or trivial representations.

And in "Dream of a new world" Franca Marini 's works are like pages of a personal diary that recount the work. Pages- paintings in powerful colors like red and with black line from which form suddenly springs into being, taking almost by surprise. As if in response to a stimulus which can only be a new way of thinking about man and about his potentialities of language and expression.